Long time no post

Well, it is fair to say that I am pants at keeping up and publishing regular posts, so I am going to try at least for now doing a post once a month. I think that is not too higher goal for me.
Working full time as a support worker and Family life takes it's toll on you sometimes and when you do get to have some "YOU" time, there are always other jobs on that job list that seems to be about 5 foot long! And not forgetting I love to create, it is what helps to keep my sanity.

So with all that said this week, I actually made some "Art" time and made a couple of pieces.

My youngest Daughter also does the same job as me and it's half term and this is always an extra bust time at work and the other night, I said to her, let's just chill and unwind and make some art. To which we did and we upcycled a couple of Poundland paint brushes into fridge magnets.

The top one is mine and the other is my Daughters, didn't she do a good job? Well, I think she did and yes I…

Snow days

Well, I have been off work for the past three days, due to the snow we have all just experienced.

As I only normally get to go in Mum's Shed in my spare time, I thought I would make the most of it.
I ended up finishing off a few projects.

This is a polystyrene egg as a base and I have created the egg look with Powertex and the dragon I have made from Polymer clay. I do love a bit of fantasy and whimsical things and I love dragons.

I have had this little table for a while and it was always on my to-do list, to do something with it. So I decided to add Powertex to it and see where my creativity took me.
And this is what my muse decided to create

It has taken on a bit of a Gothic-chic look. Powertex is a very versatile medium and one of my fave mediums to use for all my creative projects.

Powertex Design Team

I have had the honour of being asked to join the POWERTEX UK Design Team. So here is my second blog I did for them. I hope you enjoy it. 

First I set about placing, so I had an idea of what I was going to achieve. I painted the fairy house in black Powertex. 
I then chose some material from my stash and dipped in the BlackPowertex and laid over my roof and then dried it.

I then decided to add some texture to the base of the Fairy house, using the 3D Sand balls.

I then decided to use the Powertex ,Paperdecoration for my main texture. This is a really lovely texture as once saturated with the Powertex it stretches and makes a really nice texture. 

I next set about making some texture for my Fairy door and I used the same method as above with the 3D sand and Black Powertex, only I added more to make a kind of paste. I then used a palette knife to smooth it on the door and ran a crochet hook in lines to give it a wood effect, let it dry. I also added some of the lace from the kit, to und…

Learning new tricks

Well, it is looking like 2018 is a year for learning new things.
I have signed up for Instagram
And I am teaching myself to display photos of my artwork, in a more flattering way with the help of an app on my laptop. Funny as I have had this laptop a couple of years and this year, have only just discovered I can do so much more with it, who knew? But have to say, all this techie learning is very time-consuming!!

Here are a few collage pics I have done so far.

Well, I must get to bed now as it is very late and one needs her beauty sleep!! 
Night all :) xx

Some time away

Well, it has been a while since I have seen my eldest and my two Grandsons but this week, we are visiting them.
My oldest Grandson, normally always asks me if I can bring some stuff from "Nanny's shed" so not wanting to disappoint him, I packed some stuff for us to play with. 
I packed a couple of birdhouses and some photo frames, paint and some #Powertex. Up to now, we have decorated the birdhouses and tomorrow, we shall set about decorating the photo frames.
 This is my youngest Grandson 

 Here is the birdhouse, that Joe decorated

And this is the one Nanny did.
Happy new year everyone.
Well, Christmas came and went, way too fast and now we are into a new year.
I got to make lot's of things for Christmas in my day job and at home.
Here are some of the things made over the Christmas period.
 Made this one at home.

 Made these #Powertex baubles at work.

 I also had a go at making some wreaths, here are two of them.

Official exciting news

I am super excited about this honour of being asked to be on the Powertex Design Team for next year. I have some big shoes to fill as the 2017 Design Team have done an awesome job. I would like to thank Tracey, Anna and all the team at Tex towers. So bloggers, watch this space for new Powertex products, tips and ideas and tutorials from the Design team. Did I mention that I was super excited?