Monday, 8 October 2018

Dragon Time

Good morning one and all.

Having all this time to create is brilliant and even better I am remembering to blog about my antics as well.

Late last night the stash came out and I felt the need to create another clay dragon, well I actually made four dragons in total, so this will keep me out of trouble for a while.

I used translucent Cernit clay to make this little dragon, used a large polystyrene egg form to make his home and added texture with Powertex medium. One of my favorite pieces of material to use for my Dragon eggs is Paperdecoration which you can get at POWERTEX.CO.UK 

I have yet to paint the casing of the egg but for once I was happy to let it dry overnight as ordinarily I am very eager to carry on with my art and dislike having to wait for things to dry.

So here he is before I get the pigment colours and varnish out.

So my next post will be of him completed, please do pop back to see how he turned out and to see what colours I have decided on.


~Jinny ~

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Halloween time

I do love Halloween and the option to create some spooky stuff.
On a recent trip into Dumfries, I popped into Poundland and found a small polystyrene pumpkin and decided I wanted one to transform.

Here is my process on how it ended up.

I chose some material I quite liked from my stash and wanted to use some Translucent Powertex. This product is fab for not just doing what it say's on the bottle but it is a good strong glue too! 

 First I cut out the stalk, then I cut strips of material and with the Powertex covered my pumpkin

I then cut out some lace flowers and added around the Pumpkin and glued back in the stalk, it was at this point I decided I was not quite sure about the material I had added and decided to add some tissue napkins instead, over the material.
This is the beauty of Powertex, you don't like what you have done, paint over it a different colour or if you have an older piece, change it to something else.

I got out my bronze Powertex  and made the stalk part by wrapping around the original stalk and making it bigger.
When it was dry, I used some faux pearl beads and bling to add around the base of the stalk, so for now my Pumpkin is done

I may do some more Halloween inspired crafts but then again, it may be Christmas crafts, you will have to keep watching and see what I am inspired to do next.
Until next time...



Clay Christmas decorations

Well, look at this twice in one week! This is what being off work does :)
We had our Grandsons over for a sleepover and as always they were little angels for Nanny and Grandan!! 
They are now home with their Mum and I decided it was time to get out some craft stash and create something. I ended up getting out my Polymer clay stash and have made my Grandsons a gingerbread Christmas tree decoration each. I have been making these for family and friends for the past few years but sadly did not make any last year. That may have been because I was busy making Christmas wreaths like a mad woman.
So I need to make amends and create some for this coming Christmas.

They are very easy to make and I find the process therapeutic, saying this not just the clay creating anything!  

And some more ...

Till next time



Monday, 1 October 2018

October ...Already!!

Hello all, well I can't believe it is the first day of October!! Time sure does fly, soon it will be Christmas,there I said it lol 

As it is the first day of October and October means Halloween, I thought I would share a few Halloween projects I have done over the years. I have to admit, I kinda like being able to make spooky creations.

All of the above I made for a friends wedding out of mainly Polymer clay, I really enjoyed making all of these creations for their wedding day.

This art doll was made of mixed media and ended up being given as a Christmas pressie.

The ones above are made with my favorite medium Powertex, such a versatile medium to work with. 
 The Halloween wreath is an assemblage of different things and was made at work 
The pumpkin is another Powertex creation, made by blowing up a balloon and working the Powertex over the balloon, I was too eager to pop the balloon and it was not completely dry, hence the dent in my pumpkin but I think it adds to it's charm,the stump is made from Polymer clay.

I hope you enjoyed my blog for now.
Happy October

Till next time 

Scottish life

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

All moved

Hello, hello

Well, we moved and it all went fairly smoothly and even though we downsized everything fits in nicely. My main concern was all my art material and I now have a new shed to store all my stash, ok it is not the same as my last shed but it is stored away and I have easy access to it when I need anything. 
I have managed to do some creating this past couple of days on my days off and it has been so good, to be back creating and making. 

Both pieces made using Powertex 

I plan to do some more creating very soon, so watch this space

Monday, 27 August 2018

Three days and counting

Well, three more days and counting.
For the past week I have been living like a squatter in my own home lol. No fridge freezer, no bed, no. My two youngest have flown the nest and my hubby is working straight through on long shifts.
All of my art stuff is already in our new home in Scotland and I am itching to be creative but will have to wait a few more days yet!
Thursday is the day when our new journey starts and we begin a new chapter in our lives. Thankfully we have a week off a non-working week so I will sort out all the stuff and make it home, THEN I will be getting out my creative stuff and making something, so I can scratch this itch!!!
So my next blog will be from Scotland, so until then
Be good, be creative and be happy
Jinny xx

Dragon Time

Good morning one and all. Having all this time to create is brilliant and even better I am remembering to blog about my antics as well. ...